Who Am I?

I have done a little bit of everything, but my primary educational background is in studio art specializing in photographic imaging. I attended the University of Georgia (BFA - Studio Art) and later moved to Arizona where I continued my art career and taught photography for several years.

I now live near Atlanta, where I graduated with a Master of Science in Digital Media at Georgia Tech in May 2017. My recent experiences in this new field has culminated into a challenging, scary, and exciting chapter in my life. My goal is a career in user experience with an emphasis on information design.

Below are samples of my work, including my thesis and freelance projects.

Reconciling History: Designing an Interactive Companion for the Television Docudrama

Design of an interactive second screen companion that compares the television docudrama series, American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson with interviews and archived media of that time period (television broadcasts, print, etc.)

Masters' project includes designing the UI of the companion app, collecting media, and interviewing several potential users to test usability of the prototype. Also visit the documentation website for more detailed information and check out the prototype.


“Docudrama always offers an interpretation, and no more.”

Alan Rosenthal, Writing Docudramas: Dramatizing Reality for Film and TV

Print, video, and interviews could call out key scenes in a fact-checking companion, and it would allow users to compare moments where reality and fiction meet.


Low Fidelity Iterations

Optimization model: filtering for best match

Users choose the episode first; then begin choosing people and themes to begin filtering.

User can open the filtered out clip and compare with the paired archival clip


Mid Fidelity Iterations

Added context to the interface – labeling to the categories “Important People” and “Themes” and sets of clips

Clips scroll in a “filmstrip”

Added bio and theme summaries for each category

Dedicated clip pages and tagging of clips


High Fidelity Iterations

Grid with labels on thumbnails

Color palette simplified

Overlays added to allow more information

Inline Window feature added for external links

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.40.14 PM.png

Design Questions and Conclusions

More apt to explore narrative through characters or themes? All of the users had different ways of interacting with the companion. Some even began by going through the clips rather than categories.

Does cross referencing diverse media allow for more immersion into the series and actual trial itself? Yes! Most of the testers of the high fidelity prototype made connections that they didn’t notice before when watching the show.

Would a companion change the user’s opinion on the case? The companion didn’t seem to strongly change minds, but confirm or provide more information that supported their stance on the people and the case.

A Mother’s Heart: Personal Re-Branding

Tiffanny Goodman is a playwright and author previously based in Saginaw, Michigan that relocated to Atlanta a few years ago. She wanted to restart her creative career and begin a platform for her public advocacy efforts to give a voice to parents who lost children to crime. She has an existing website but we needed to remove elements that she didn’t need, especially unnecessary widgets that watered down her branding - known as “feature creeps.”

We began with low fidelity prototyping, and now the website is refocused on her writing and community service.

Click on images to enlarge…

Old Website Design


New Website Design

Women Who Code Hackathon 2017: BindexT UI Prototype Design

BindexT is a venture founded by entrepreneur Monica Hooks to develop a data analysis tool to discover social media influencers through the topics where they lead the conversation rather than who they are on the surface. The project was pitched to the Hackathon event to primarily find developers who would be interested in scraping data from Twitter API for sentiment analysis with designers to create a prototype of the physical product. 

My individual role was designing the UI with visual assets based on Monica’s vision of BindexT as an easy to use, non-corporate tool. After the weekend-long event (October 13-15, 2017), our team won 2nd place!

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Sketches and Wireframes


Heads-Up: Synchronized Annotations In Google Glass for Television Re-watching

Collaborative Project with Karan Pratap Singh, Sharon Lee, and Shawn Wu for eTV (Experimental Television Lab - now known as PeN Lab) @ Georgia Tech. Heads-Up is a Google Glass prototype that functions as a translucent second screen over the television while re-watching a favorite show. Our project focused on HBO’s highly acclaimed series, Game of Thrones.

My role was background research on different uses of wearable and television technology and creating visuals for the user scenario.

What is Heads-Up?

Wearing Heads-Up allows the user to continuously view the TV screen while receiving synchronized commentary through Google Glass’ translucent screen rather than be distracted by a computer, phone, or tablet.


Using Heads-Up

The comments will appear solely on the Google Glass and will point out key plot points that may have been missed during the first viewing.


No Spoilers!

If watching a TV show with a friend who has not seen the episode yet, Heads-Up will not spoil the plot since all comments appear on the Google Glass screen that only the user can see.